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#15: The Dying Draughtsman / O Desenhador Defunto


Romance Gráfico de Francisco Sousa Lobo

120 p. duas cores 16x23cm, capa duas cores, edição brochada
ISBN: 978-989-8363-22-0
Com entrevista ao autor por Hugo Canoilas

Sinopsis: Francisco Koppens has a dying profession, a dying religion, lives in a dying home and has dying thoughts. He is a Portuguese architectural draughtsman living in London who believes he is destined to commit suicide. He talks to his wife but she doesn’t answer back. He does erotic comics as a private compulsion, only to cover them with black ink at the end. He ends up with black monochromes which he then tears to bits. The sign of the monochrome as self censorship permeates Koppens’ life. He visits endless art exhibitions, only to be smitten by dread and doubt. We follow him from depression to psychosis, and then back to a sort of starting point.

The Dying Draughtsman could be described as a fictive construction built on real, personal events lived through the life of the author.

Critical reception: Chosen as part of the 10 best books of 2013 by Sara Figueiredo Costa, in the newspaper Expresso ... Francisco Sousa Lobo's production is inclined towards forms of comics internal interrogation, especially in their narrative form. An excellent bookPedro Moura in Ler BD ... If Duchamp de-contextualized and re-contextualized his works through the use of photography, Sousa Lobo does it now through comics - Gabriel Martins in Rua de Baixo ... Unpredictable and haunting, stimulating and engaging - Paul Gravett ... Perfect symbiosis between art and writingAndré Coelho ... One of the best books of the yearDavid Campos



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