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Nadja - Virgin Teenie from Hell (promo)

comix by Nunsky
Sales price 6,66 €

Special XXXmas Issue of Mesinha de Cabeceira zine

Published by MMMNNNRRRG. Released 17th December in Lounge Bar (Lisbon) with Nadja gig, organized by Associação Terapêutica do Ruído.

Nunsky (b. 1972) is a comics artist from the north of Portugal and has published most of his work in the Mesinha de Cabeceira zine. In 1997 he made an incredible 39 page comix for the 13rd issue and the 5th anniversary of this mutant zine. Actually this was the first professional looking book that the Chili Com Carne Association made, starting an important publishing history in the Portuguese scene. The comix was entitled 88 and was a unique comix in Portuguese panorama at the time - and still is nowadays! Not only the "psycho-goth" ambience was different from all Portuguese comics but also the graphic quality was astonishing for such artist coming from nowhere. It reminded the Love & Rockets and Charles Burns but had it’s own voice.

Since Nunsky is such a lone wolf, almost nobody knows about him and his whereabouts. After the 88 comix he created a rock band called The ID's and that's it. Or that’s what we thought… In 2014 he returned with the graphic novel Erzsébet (published by Chili Com Carne), a 144 pages black and white document of Erzsébet Bathory, the infamous Hungarian countess that slayed hundreds of young girls in search of the eternal youth. This book won the Best Drawing Prize in 2015 by the Amadora Comics Fest - the more important mainstream Comics festival in Portugal. The book was appraised by music and comics critics but also by other artists... Here’s some Erzsebet brouhaha:

Very good comic, inspiring to make logos!!! - Lord of The Logos (Belgium artist known for this work for Metal bands logos, he is really the meister of the black art!)
He gets that spirit from Jess Franco movies, where the most important is the iconography and esoteric symbols than a logic narrative, which builds a tension and insanity during the book... - André Coelho (Portuguese artist and musician in Sektor 304, Méchanosphère, Pagan)

So… in 2015 Nunsky is presenting this Nadja - Virgin Teenie From Hell comix for all you fans of L.A. Hair Metal sleazy bands, RanXerox fucked up dystopians and heroin revivalists. This graphic novel is full color and it's a blast! It's published in Portuguese language but we are offering this poor one-color-only promotion edition to you because we want to find some publishers with balls to do this book somewhere in the world!! So come on, take a speedball and contact us by e-mail [] or



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